Motorcycles are a passion of mine, photographing them well is my pleasure!

The new Motorcycle Studio is almost ready!

I have often wished for enough space to properly photograph motorcycles. It involves both enough space for the bike but also should have a means of blocking unwanted reflections from the chrome and glossy finishes that often accompany bikes worthy of getting a photoshoot. Regardless if you prefer your bike alone or with yourself or a model, we can help you get the motorcycle photography that you desire.

Your motorcycle is unique and beautiful. Don't settle for ordinary photos after you have worked so hard to get it picture perfect. Make the small investment of money and time to get a proper photoshoot of your masterpiece.

The studio has a staging area to wipe the dust off prior to the shoot. You can ride or trailer your bike for your photoshoot, make the final preparations on the fly and roll it into place for the fun to begin. If you want to have models provided, early notice allows you the greatest range of options, so that would mean planning more than a week in advance. Call DJ for more details, (7 two 7) 858-0255.

OK, OK... using my Buell without even a bath was a little bit dirty in the new studio, but it makes my old beast look good, so it must be studio magic!

Come see for yourself and raise your expectations of your motorcycle imagery.

Location photography can be worth the planning and efforts because the world is a beautiful place with so much variety. Do you have a place in mind that you wish you could get a picture of your motorcycle? With the proper planning, nearly anything is possible.

Call DJ and tell him your wildest desires (for motorcycle photos) and together you can work out the details.

Special effects can be added with photoshop after the shoot or with lights during the shoot.

In the following sample, the first image is in broad daylight as is the second one but with professional portable flash systems used, similarly to the behind the scenes image below them.

Here are some other location motorcycle BTS shots showing the efforts that I put into the lighting. It's always so much more than an on-camera flash that brings the added magic.

Special thanks to Liquid Addiction for providing so many pretty bikes and models to photograph. Awesome work on the bikes and a pleasure to work together with.