When someone is in need of promotional images of themselves, it may not be their favorite thing to do. We set our clients at ease by asking them what the images will be used for and what the want to convey.

Then, during our shoot, we will help you to be as natural or as exceptional as needed. We will let you see some of the results live and your confidence will grow as you see the images. We can quickly adapt and change the style as we go through the shoot.

We can work on location anywhere. Yes, this is really done in Times Square, NYC. There are rules, we followed them and we were in and out in a few minutes with a series of cool shots.

Whether you are a girl next door who wants us to help you to look and feel like a supermodel for the day... and yes, you can have a whole cheering squad or a private shoot, as you wish...

Or, if you're a professional model with a well orchestrated plan for very special images, we can provide you the experience that you want and the images that prove that DJ and Yvonne can rock your world. If you've got the idea, we've got the gear. Let's get together.

Sure, we can do head shots and shoot in a studio environment if you wish. We have a small studio space and we can bring backgrounds to your location, but our preference is to shoot on location. Anytime, anywhere, because we've got the big lights.