We have selected a few of our own wedding images shot by Stephen Rudd to share with you on this page.

DJ LaDez has been involved in professional photography for over 30 years. He had moved to Port Richey, Florida in the late 80's to join his family's manufacturing company, Lumedyne, Inc.

Lumedyne actually manufactured portable flash systems in West Florida for professional photographers and we sold them around the world. This has provided DJ with worldwide travels and photo opportunities while he learned from some of the world's best photographers (many of whom were using Lumedyne brand flashes) and he taught thousands of other professional photographers at events throughout the United States and from Norway to New Zealand.

In 2011 Yvonne moved from Germany to Florida and married into the family business with her own photographic style and artistic creativity. Lumedyne was eventually sold to PROMARK Brands and in 2019, Yvonne and DJ moved to Germany to help her family. They live in a small village near Mainz. This is now where they are building new opportunities. Together they continue to forge forward with new ideas and a fresh approach to creating photography that looks better than all of the normal photography that is available at your fingertips. In their opinion, the photography that is worthy of you investing in, should look clearly better than normal pictures.

We invite your ideas so that we can create something new and wonderful together.

While we are based here near Mainz Germany, we are open to opportunities worldwide.

Please contact us so we can discuss your special situation... Let's do something worthwhile together. Thank you.

Best regards, DJ and Yvonne